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An efficient sale


An Auction is the most efficient way to determine the true market value of a property.

An online auction is a proven concept for determining the optimal market price and will often drive the price up.

The Real Estate market can be volatile – TrueMarketValue ensures that both buyer and seller can trust that the transaction happens at the True Market Value.


With assurance that your property is sold at the optimal market price, we can reduce the timeline for the sales process significantly.

For the seller, this saves costs on maintenance, taxes and operations – and importantly, on the internal resources spent. In the end, it results in less frustrations and uncertainty for seller.

For the buyer, this is an efficient process that ensures certainty a lot faster than a traditional process.


Is documentation, transparency or objectivity important for your company?

With TrueMarketValue the entire sales process, including the final negotiation, is 100% documented and can be witnessed live.

The market is constantly changing. With TrueMarketValue you can be certain that your property is sold at the optimal price – its true market value.


To ensure a better sales process for both seller and potential buyers, TrueMarketValue has created a set of ethical principles to ensure fairness in the sales process.

All transactions facilitated by TrueMarketValue are executed in full compliance to our ethical principles.

1. All sellers are committed to completing the transaction of the property auctioned via TrueMarketValue.

2. Only pre-approved buyers can place bids in real estate auctions done via TrueMarketValue – both buyers and sellers thereby have a guarantee for the completion of the transaction following the auction.

3. TrueMarketValue guarantees that the seller and seller’s representatives do not have access to submitting bids in the auction. All bids placed are real and the role as auctioneer is to facilitate a truly market driven negotiation that determines the true market value.

4. Alignment of the sale and purchase agreement as well as the vendor due diligence material before the auction is provided to ensure a transparent and fair process where all buyers are bidding on the same prerequisites and based on the same level of information – TrueMarketValue is committed to ensuring a fair sales process for all parties involved.

5. All buyers of properties through TrueMarketValue are guaranteed anonymity in the process – different bidders and/or the public in general will have no knowledge about participants in auctions facilitated by TrueMarketValue prior to closing.


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